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The Benefits of Online Education

You likely know about some of the benefits of getting your education online. People are constantly touting the conveniences of working online, namely that you can work whenever and wherever you choose as long as you have access to an internet connection. Another mantra that online degree programs repeatedly chant is, you can learn at your own pace; get your degree quickly, or spread the work out over a longer period of time: whatever is most convenient for you. These are the major benefits of online degree programs, but you've probably heard this a million times and a starting to get tired of these taglines. However, there are some benefits to working online that aren't discussed very often and you may not have considered yet. Below is a list of lesser-known attributes of gaining your degree online. They may help you to decide if an online education is a good choice for you.

Little or no Commuting
Your commute may consist of walking downstairs or driving to the public library, but either way you'll be free of traveling long distances and campus parking lots (which usually require an expensive parking pass).

Save in Childcare Costs
If you are a working or stay-at-home parent, by gaining your degree online you'll be able to complete your coursework while your kids play in another room (so as not to distract you). This means you'll get to spend more time with your kids and you won't have to hire a sitter.

Easy Access to Learning Resources
All of your resources will be online. This includes classmates, teachers, and books or journals. You'll be able to access anything you need for your class with a click of the mouse.

No Physical Accessibility Issues
Since you'll decide what the best environment is for you, you won't have to worry about the physical accessibility of the classrooms, the discomfort of desk chairs, or someone else's idea of what the appropriate temperature is.

Allows Total Equality
With classroom interactions taking place online, you'll be able to work with your classmates (and they'll be able to work with you) without regard for sex, race, appearance, ethnicity, or any other common prejudices and stereotypes.

Broadens Your Overall Perspective
You'll be interacting with people from all over the U.S. and, potentially, the world. Everyone will likely have a different background, which is a great discussion-facilitating and mind-broadening tool.

Keeps You Up-to-Date on the Latest Internet Technologies
Since you will be working online on a daily or semi-daily basis, you will be a part of the latest computing and technological developments. Your classroom will use the most recent breakthroughs to communicate (currently that includes technologies like streaming audio) and to facilitate learning.

Teaches Project Management Skills
You'll learn to manage your own time and oversee your own productivity. Since you're the only one dictating when and where you go to class, turn in assignments, etc., you'll learn not only to budget your time, but to push yourself towards your own personal goals and deadlines.

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